Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sweet Baby Grapes

It was not the most bountiful harvest, after their trauma last year, when we had a quick move out of state, and then back again (don't ask)! While we were away, the vines did not receive enough water and the roots dried up, as did our grass, and to some degree our spirits.

I think the grapes suffered as much as the kids and I did! We lost 2 full grown vines and I feared we would lose the rest. But, thank God (and not without much prayer)
a few vines survived!

 So, for these few baby bunches that came to us, we are very thankful. They are as sweet and as flavorful as ever, and filling me with hope for restoration, not only of the vines, but also I am reminded of how God can restore all things...including me <3

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